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Simplifying the Tech Stack: The Role of Technology Rationalization

Technology rationalization is an essential process that involves assessing and optimizing the technology stack within an organization to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance performance. 

If you are in this process, this checklist will help you maximize your efforts


  • Assess your current Technology Stack:

Start by conducting a thorough assessment of your current technology landscape. Document all hardware, software, applications, and services used across your organization. Include information such as vendor contracts, licensing details, and maintenance schedules.


  • Align it with your corporate goals:

Identify the technology components that directly support them and prioritize those.


  • Identify Redundancies and Inefficiencies:

Look for redundant or overlapping technologies that perform similar functions. These can be removed or taken away to reduce costs and complexity.


  • Evaluate Technology Performance:

Identify any bottlenecks, outdated systems, or underutilized resources that require upgrading or retirement.


  • Analyze Costs:

Analyze the total cost of ownership (TCO) for each technology component. I.e., the initial purchase cost and the ongoing maintenance, support, and operational expenses. Compare these costs to the value the technology brings to your organization.


  • Prioritize and Create the Roadmap

Start with the most critical and costly areas and develop a timeline for each component. Consider short-term and long-term goals.


  • Standardize

Aim to standardize on a set of technologies, platforms, and tools wherever possible. Standardization can simplify management, reduce training requirements, and improve compatibility.



Furthermore, we suggest always keeping a proactive and strategic approach to technology rationalization. As you optimize your tech stack and reduce costs, you’ll position yourself for future growth and innovation.

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