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New Roles for a New Era


Tech is advancing at a pace that C-levels need to catch up before their entire structure becomes obsolete. One way to tackle this is by creating new positions, starting in that highest tier -- the C suite. 


More than just a trend

The Wall Street Journal said it first, as it established that “Companies are increasingly creating new C-suite roles with a focus on data, analytics or artificial intelligence.” This change often causes initial confusion, as the typical layout of the CEO, CTO, and CFO needs to adapt. 

Thanks to AI, startups are discovering collaboration is essential to harness the power of generative artificial intelligence. The first step towards this is establishing new roles, such as Chief Data Analytics and Chief AI, depending on the company’s needs. 


Adapt, collaborate, and conquer

Before AI, the lines that divided where each role started and where it finished seemed written on stone. Now, with the exponential growth of this technology, tech companies need to start making significant adjustments to align their objectives and stay ahead of the curve. 

It will quickly become evident that many tasks will most likely overlap. And that shouldn’t cause a commotion. Each role needs to understand that the challenge is now to work as a unit rather than defining ownership in an ironclad way. Leadership needs to be structured to be able to adapt and scale accordingly.



C-suite leaders are stepping on AI’s heels. The next step remains unclear. Yet, communication and collaboration will be crucial to maintaining a stable structure during this new era. 

What are some challenges decision-makers are facing with the advance of AI? Tell us in the comments.