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Navigating Argentina's Hottest IT Networking Ecosystem

Embark on a journey through Argentina's dynamic tech landscape by immersing yourself in the nation's premier IT networking events. These gatherings, designed for diverse niches within the industry, offer unmatched opportunities for networking, learning, and business growth. Here's your guide to the must-attend events:


Annual JAIIOS (Jornadas Argentinas de Informática)
  • Hosted by the Argentinian Society of Computer Science.
  • Embrace IT networking with virtual participation available for global engagement.
  • Focuses on programming innovation, providing dedicated sessions for various expertise areas.


Pulso IT: Connecting Diverse Tech Realms
  • Organized by the Argentine Chamber of Computing Distributors and Wholesalers.
  • A convergence point for IT professionals and gaming enthusiasts.
  • Features a dynamic mix of tech conferences and thrilling gaming tournaments.

    pulso IT networking
Congreso Internacional en Innovación Tecnológica Informática - Argentina (CIITI)
  • An annual rendezvous in Rosario, Argentina, offering prime opportunities for IT networking.
  • Attracts attention from US-based companies seeking collaborative networking.
  • Provides flexible attendance options, both virtual and in-person.


Nerdearla: Argentina's Vibrant IT Networking Extravaganza
  • A four-day event dedicated to tech enthusiasts.
  • Offers extensive networking opportunities, engaging workshops, and insightful lectures in this realm.
  • Open for both virtual and in-person participation, maximizing your connections.

    nerdearla event networking
International Conference on Computer Engineering, Software Design, and Computer Networks (ICCESDCN)
  • A two-day international research conference, strategically focusing on IT networking.
  • Targets foreign IT professionals and employers, fostering global connections.
  • Hosted in Buenos Aires, providing an ideal location for scouting nearshore developers and expanding horizons.


Intersec Buenos Aires: Exploring Integral Security 
  • Focuses on global cybersecurity and IT advancement..
  • An ideal platform for professionals within the IT security sector.
  • May transition to a fully in-person format soon, offering enhanced IT networking experiences.


International Conference on Qualitative Modeling and Software Engineering (ICQMSE 2023)
  • Held every few years, with the latest edition in February 2023, featuring prominent 
  • Showcases the latest IT developments and academic research, creating a prime space for IT networking.
  • A crucial location for hiring nearshore developers through strategic IT networking.



Ready to make your mark on Argentina's dynamic tech scene through powerful IT networking? Explore the immense potential of these events for your business. For detailed insights and personalized assistance, contact us at Let's elevate your tech game together and forge new horizons!