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The Kenilitians experience

kenility culture

Since embarked on this adventure, culture has been a column in everything we do. Kenility has always been about creating the coolest, most fun, and creative environment for every team member to bring their talent and make amazing things happen.

The evidence of this people-centered culture is in our events. In the first half of 2024, we honored our girls, the brilliant ladies who keep showing up in different areas to grow the vision where they are. They had their special evening on International Women’s Day.

This year we want to be intentional about leaving our mark and contributing to the environment, so we teamed up with several organizations to plant trees in the biggest lung in Cordoba. This was a very moving experience for some. It made us take a moment to think about legacy and purpose. 

Our offices are, in many cases, our second home. They are where ideas are born, grown, and transformed into reality. During this first half of 2024, we decided to open the doors and make this space a haven of creativity and knowledge. Thus BeerJS came to us and Java Script devs from all over Cordoba visited our offices, to learn more and find out how we as a company are throwing AI into the mix. 

Of course, ideas can only bloom in a healthy body. In that spirit, we invited a chef to teach us some knacks and tricks to make savory, creativity-infusing meals.

One thing about us is that we love to celebrate BIG. We’re all about Go Big or Go Home. And our Valentine’s Day celebration, along with the most recent from Willy Wonka to our offices, is proof of that. Because our goal goes beyond causing a great impression -- we aim to create an experience: The Kenilitians experience.