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Kenility Live #25: RECAP

Kenility LIVE Game On

Our team is heavy on sports. It’s something we love for multiple reasons. But we could round them up to three: teamwork, cooperation, competitiveness. Once they’re on a roll, it’s get your head in the game, and win! 

Today was a good example of the competitive spirit. We love to play and hang out while getting to know each other. That is, after all, the whole point of Kenilive LIVE. For this edition everyone showed up to go back in time and play a classic arcade game, one that’s been a pivotal part of our childhoods: the legendary Tetris. 

Also, we learned some fun facts about one of the most observed games this side of the ocean: Copa America 2024. With all eyes on the prize, several team members proved to be real sports gurus during our initial “trivia” icebreaker. 

Kenility LIVE is a great opportunity to relax, have fun, and strengthen our community. 

This edition was all about healthy competition. From learning fun facts about Copa América to playing an intense Tetris tournament, it was a lot of entertainment for everyone.