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Wok and Roll 2024

wok and roll kenility culture

Kenility Health created “Wok and Roll”, an initiative to encourage best practices in the kitchen. 


On a not-so-typical Friday, the staff was welcomed to the third floor with a deluxe setup. worthy of a Middle-Eastern buffet. There they were greeted by professional chef Isaac Cruz, an expert in the culinary arts and healthy food enthusiast. 

Geared with a mini kitchen for his needs and surrounded with all kinds of ingredients, he performed his magic and created 3 easy dishes for the whole team, from scratch. 


Afterward, it was time to try out each dish. 


Needless to say, the team was left satisfied with it all. 


Taking the proper time to plan a meal rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals is the first step toward feeding the brain that will later craft the best solutions.