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Paws & Play returns for the 23rd edition of Kenility LIVE

kenility LIVE paws and play

Last April 29th was World Animal's Day. Our team loves to work alongside their four-legged friends. That's why this Kenility LIVE was all about them and the stories we share. It was a time filled with fun and awesome moments.

Kenility LIVE is an initiative our team looks forward to every month, as it's a special space that enables all our collaborators to get to know each other better in a fun-filled, relaxed setting. Because many of our devs work remotely, Kenility LIVE is a great opportunity to cool off after a long day and strengthen bonds with fellow co-workers.

Every Kenility LIVE has a different theme, this edition was about celebrating our pets, the faithful duet that makes every day more exciting.

Watch the recap of our most recent edition, Kenility LIVE#23 - PAWS & PLAY 2.0


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