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Kenility teams up with BeerJS

BeerJS javascript kenility

Kenility recently opened its office to the great big community of Javascript developers in Cordoba and around the globe. Read on to find out more about this historic event. 

JavaScript has a large community of devs everywhere that have recently found a space to exchange ideas and network regularly. That’s the purpose of BeerJS, an ever-growing initiative that’s been hosting and congregating JS devs all over the globe. This time was Kenility’s turn. 

Almost a hundred devs showed up to hear speakers Agustin Griguol (Kenility), Diego Serrano (Keniity), and Martin Pastore talk about different topics related to JS. 

Agustin and Diego shared their experiences integrating JS and AI, working on a project involving a bot assistant. They also discussed the significance of AI and its seamless integration with JS and described the process of developing the bot assistant in detail. This part of the presentation was all about demonstrating how the team faced the technical challenges the bot presented. 

Martin delved into the wonders of serverless and how it can come in handy to orchestrate difficult situations. He also expanded on the many benefits of step functions. 

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